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Belsize garage has a reputation for restoring, maintaining classic cars and general motor repairs and maintenance. We do services and repairs to all makes, MOT – Tyres, Exhaust Vehicle Diagnostics Belsize garage established in the automotive business in 1921 and has a vast wealth of experience in the world of vintage and classic cars restoration, bodywork repair, reconditioning and servicing of all types of antique and classic motor cars. Specialists in classic car restoration and servicing of Vintage and Classic cars. Enthusiastic Craftsmanship at a very outstanding standard.

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When racers from Belsize Garage power their hot rods around Buxton's High Edge circuit, they'll be keeping alive a name with more than 100 years of motoring history. Belsize marque goes back much further than that, from 1900 to 1926 the company then in Clayton made a range of now-classic cars, taxi cabs, lorries and Royal Mail vans. Only a couple of dozen vehicles are thought to have survived 



Colin Chambers
Managing Director